Neither the cities or the villages are fixed and they can be destroyed or evolved by the action of other players! Also, collected resources will not appear again in the same places, location factors may not always be the same. The world reacts to your actions

Dynamic World

Unique Adventures

You will experience unique adventures every time you challenge a powerful monster! Be ready to face surprises and unpredictable situations!


Artifacts are very singular items that can conceive incredible powers to their owners. It’s not easy to find them since their existence does not obey a pattern that is known. These rare items have such powers that they can turn a mere adventurer into a powerful warlord. But everything comes at a price! Besides being chased by a horde of greedy players, adventurers will face other challenges: they must obey the mysterious wishes of the Artifact that is in their possession! And if they don’t? The Artifact will abandon them! Perhaps to be found by somebody else around the world.


Monsters will not always be in the same places and they can expand by taking territory from the players! And beware, because the enemy tribes may not like to see your village expanding.

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