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As the Inquisition gained strength, five large fleets left Garun Vedai, one from each kingdom, to colonize new lands. The voyage across the unknown and inhospitable ocean was not easy, and many ships sunk or got lost along the way. In some cases, they ended up mixing with other fleets equally affected by the storms and unknown creatures that inhabited that region.

The ships arrived at the Heretical Islands at different times, forming small new kingdoms, such as the Kingdom of Portus, the Kingdom of Holy Men in Stronghelm, and the Kingdom of Garon in Morkhon. This period became known as the Foundation because it marked the beginning of the formation of cultures that would spread to Semisus years later.


Without the shadow of fear of the Inquisition, there was room for new conflicts to arise in the Heretical Islands. There were too many people for too little territory, and the Founders' greed led to a new period of wars for territory.

Magic began to resurface in the Heretical Islands when a Stronghelm researcher accidentally activated an artifact brought from Garun Vedai. The artifact corrupted the spirits of the Fel-Vedai. Suddenly Stronghelm found itself facing an infestation of the undead. The secrets revealed by the artifact led to further study and the discovery of magic by other means.

Known as the Founders, these early Fel-Vedai learned to use magic through trial and error, opening the doors of Semisus to rediscover lost magic, and motivating a new wave of territory wars and control of magical artifacts. 

It’s during this period that the first Guilds have appeared, founded by homeless refugees or those who left the young kingdoms in search of treasure and glory in a period without the threat of the Inquisition. Among the most striking guilds of this period are the Insanos, the Templar, Ragnarök, and the Head Hunters.

In Portus, a group of immigrants created the Templar guild, intended to secure peace on the island and protect the kingdom. During this period, there was already a threat from Inquisition deserters and war refugees in the City of Veils. It was in Veils that another guild had been formed, the Head Hunters, composed by looters and conquerors. The conflict between the two guilds would last only a few months when the sudden disappearance of the Templar leaders led this guild to disarray. Once guardians of Portus, Templar members were charged with attacks on villages and independent travelers inside and outside the territory of the Kingdom of Portus. Within a few weeks, what was once the Templar guild had fallen apart, giving the Head Hunters room to grow on the continent and virtually control it beyond the kingdom island of Portus.

In the icy lands of Morkhon, was born the Insanos, encouraged by the Southern King to confront the Northern King of Garon, but in fact, formed by adventurers and opportunists interested in assisting newly arrived refugees from Garun Vedai. Over time, the Insanos deviated from its mission to confront Garon and set out to plunder other continents.

In Stronghelm, Ragnarök emerges, a company of mercenaries and adventurers who assisted the arrival of refugees on the island and supported the Holy Men during the conflict against the undead from Blacksong. Without an immediate enemy to deal with on the continent other than a few bands of invaders, Ragnarök made occasional attacks against Portus and Morkhon in search of treasures and resources that could strengthen its position in Stronghelm.

The chaos and conflict of this period seemed to change the world itself, and in the ocean around the mysterious islands, submerged caves began to spring from the earth, holding crystals of unknown function within. It was the Head Hunters who discovered the secret in an unusual way.  By testing the use of magic on one of the crystals, they accidentally opened a portal from which a gigantic creature emerged. The Corrupted Elemental brought death and destruction to Portus before finally being shot down. The discovery led to a race in which guilds fought to locate and capture the crystals to try to control their powers. 

As a result of this discovery, months later, the Insano's leader Erwin unleashed a cowardly attack using a Corrupted Fury Elemental against one of Ragnarök's cities located in Morkhon, destroying dozens of houses and killing several Fel-Vedai. Persecuted for their crimes even at Morkhon, the Insanos leadership disappeared without a trace.

The attack had a far greater consequence than Erwin could imagine. Following the attack and destruction of their city, Ragnarök set off for Morkhon to seek revenge. Once there, he found the Insanos shattered. Unhappy with the attack by their former leader, several guild members decided to join their old enemies, leading the Insanos guild to its end.

Seeing Ragnarök's ranks grow with the absorption of the Insanos, in Portus, the Head Hunters initiate a massive recruitment campaign to counter the only remaining major guild in the Heretical Islands. After minor conflicts with former Templar members - now called the Profanos - the Head Hunters turned their attention beyond Portus. A conflict in Head Hunter's leadership, however, led to a new break, as part of the original Guild leaders left it to become mercenaries.


In Stronghelm, now abandoned by Ragnarök, members of an obscure cult of worshipers of a demonic creature attacked the now unguarded Wall, allowing the undead of Blacksong to advance into the island, isolating the city of the Holy Men from the rest of the archipelago.

In Portus, a mercenary named Pimba returns from an offshore expedition with a secret lost during the first migrations: The existence of four powerful rings hidden under the statue in the center of Portus. During the night, Pimba destroys the statue and takes the four rings that made it immortal. Taking advantage of the chaos left by the Head Hunters 'internal conflicts', Pimba unifies Veil's looters under his banner and makes a deal with Captain Grry in the Red Claws clan, gnolls that have been looting the coast to form a single army.

Before the Head Hunters could even react, Pimba flees his fleet to Morkhon, planning to seize Garon's Crown, using a powerful artifact capable of controlling a mythical army of hidden golems under the mountain.

The Siege of Garon lasts several days. After losing control of the early levels of Garon's Peak to Pimba's armies, the King of Garon decides to ask for help from anyone who can save him, including his former enemies.

The Head Hunters, Ragnarök, smaller guilds and independent adventurers all come together at the foot of the Peak to hear the words of Garon's Vizir, who believes he can weaken Pimba's rings long enough for him to be killed by a joint effort of the guilds. To do so, they would need three blue diamonds stolen from his quarters by Pimba's troops. Before more mission details can be given, the armistice between the guilds is broken when the Head Hunters attack and kill members of the Ragnarök and other guilds.

Taking advantage of the confusion, former Head Hunter members, now acting on the Money flag, use a secretly marked portal at the top of Garon's Peak to quickly reach Garon's castle, where they confront Pimba but are quickly chased away by the immortal.

With the help of Vizir and Garon's Archimage, the dead adventurers are brought back to life and equipped to make a fresh attempt against Pimba's troops.


Over the course of an hour of conflict, several disordered attempts end in the early levels of Garon's Peak. Those who have managed to get past the Raiders of Veils and reach the fortress that protects the castle fall prey to the Red Claw gnolls or imps brought into battle by the priests of the Gnoll Fury. In the chaos of conflict, gnolls accidentally awaken Garon's former lords, crazed spirits that attack everyone and everything that crosses their path.


Chaos is the perfect cover for the Head Hunters and its former members to continue their modus operandi, ambushing and murdering the competition for possession of the three diamonds.


It is Uyoz, a former Head Hunter veteran who, with the support of Obvylon and Photy, locates the three diamonds and hands them over to Vizir, who completes the ritual to remove Pimba's immortality but not his supernatural endurance.

At the foot of Garon's Peak members of Ragnarök and other guilds unite to invade Garon's Peak in an organized manner. After an exhausting battle, realizing his strength is failing, Pimba tries to escape the castle, only to be confronted outside by nearly forty adventurers intending to kill him.


In the chaos of battle, the friendly fire takes lives, and Pimba falls with an arrow in the chest allegedly fired by Alemis, an independent adventurer newly arrived in the Heretical Islands.


The conflict, however, doesn’t end with the fall of Pimba. Immediately the Head Hunters and Ragnarök fight over the spoils of the conqueror, the magic rings.


What should be a time of celebration becomes a bloodbath when the two independent guilds and warriors fight for the possession of the artifacts on Garon's staircases. The fight for the rings ended only when someone used the power of the Elemental Fragments to bring the three Corrupted Elementals to the Castle.


By the end of the day, the King of Garon was dead, his crown was lost, his castle destroyed by the Elemental and the magic rings missing.

The Heroes of Garon: ZauTao, PhiasaN, Lestat, Shiroe, Kadesh, Azahael, Damstander, SrNooob, DeathFlag, Tim, Justiceiro, XuMyn, Korvac,  Alemis,  Noura,  Blackmask, UyoZZ,  issoaew, FlintHeart, Daddy, Okami, ZullKs, Photy, HerzMayhem, Cavera0, Ayato, VuddU, Matheus, Maverik, Focamacho, Arkwright, DrTaPiOCa, Rafinha, Taleko, Obvylon, Morte, MainR2D2, Caligula, Magnus, Eldryom, vithor14

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