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Ambitious MMORPG Profane brings back the sense of wonder and freedom to the genre


Brazilian studio INSANE features at Gamescom a PC MMORPG with no levels or classes, where players can truly decide to be whoever they want


August 20th, 2019Brazil-based studio INSANE is proud to feature at Gamescom Profane, a sandbox MMORPG that seeks to bring back the sense of wonder, discovery and freedom to the genre. The PC game, currently in pre-alpha was available exclusively to the Brazilian community to test the game design, technology and art style. To join the early access, players bought a Founder’s Pack, and new Founder’s Packs will be sold in future events around the globe. A playable demo is already available to the public at INSANE’s booth (Hall 02.1, Stand C-044).

During Alpha, Profane will be Buy to Play. From the Beta on, it will be Free to Play. It's monetization will rely on skins (for characters, mounts, gear, weapons, ships, houses and more). 


Profane is a sword & sorcery fantasy setting in which everything is connected to five elements - Light, Shadow, Nature, Mind and Frenzy - and a mysterious entity that seems to want to destroy everything. After a long period of war in which magic was nearly extinguished by an Inquisition, players come in as a race of beings created from the world itself. It is now their time to discover the ruins of old empires, recover the magic of the five elements and make their own history.

Usually when someone thinks of MMORPGs, the first things that come to mind are character levels, classes, grinding, or the infamous “kill 10 rats” type of quests. Profane wants to bring back the real thrill of exploration and adventure to the genre by giving players complete control. Instead of telling a great story, the game will give the tools and the freedom to let players build their own incredible journeys.

“When MMOs arrived in the 1990s, they brought a sense of immersion, depth and adventure as hundreds of gamers played together,” said Diego Beltran, CEO of INSANE. “But with time the genre became more formulaic, the freedom of the players was inhibited, and that feeling of living with friends a story so great it would be remembered for years was gradually lost. This is the feeling we want to bring back with Profane.”

The first difference that players will find in Profane as they customize their characters is that there are no classes or levels. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want right from the beginning. The progression is based on how much the player explores the world, combat skills that they discover, and abilities that are improved dynamically based on what the player does ingame.

Profane is action based, the players’ skills are more important that their stats, and the game will be continuously balanced to avoid a big division between new players and veterans. Profane also features a full-loot system, which means that enemies can strip your items bare if they defeat you. Or you can choose to become a player killer yourself. Extensive building and social systems also enable gamers to build from a lonely cottage to full blown cities, and tax the players that live within the territory they control. Opposing players can even lay siege to the city.

The gameworld in Profane is dynamic and changes over time. That Gnoll village will not stay static in the same place forever. Their population may run out of control and harass players, who can fight back to curb their growth or even wipe them out.

Profane is a game that allows players to be a necromancer, pirate king, a hermit, or everything in between.


Some of the game’s main features:

  • Dynamic: a constantly changing sandbox world full of secrets to explore;

  • No restrictions: no classes or levels, completely skill-based;

  • Skill-based combat system: Combat system is fully action based and the player can collect skills and create builds the same way you build decks on trading card games, so you can discover several skills, but only equip a limited number of them at a time;

  • Create your character as you play: abilities improve dynamically as the player uses them, not by assigning skill points;

  • Build!: a complete building system capable of creating from small cottages to entire cities;

  • Territorial: players can claim lands as their own, set laws and collect taxes, then try to keep invading players away;

  • Unforgiving: open PvP and full-loot all the time;

  • A whole new world: regions hosted on servers across the world that form one single global map;

  • Freedom: do whatever you want and live your own unique adventure.

About Insane - INSANE was founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2009 with the objective to create a MMORPG that provides epic adventures and unique stories for the players. After several side projects like Bubble UP, Earth under Siege, as well as games for Maurício de Souza Produções, creator of one of Latin America’s biggest IPs. INSANE began in 2015 the development of Profane, their dream MMO, inspired on games like Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Darkfall and Star Wars Galaxies as well as giving radical freedom to the players. Launched in pre-alpha in 2018 and constantly updated, Profane is now heading to the alpha stage with a full team of over 25 developers.

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